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Nous poursuivons notre collaboration avec nos amis de TransPortand.org. C’est à notre tour de rédiger un article sur le cargo bike dans notre ville, article destiné à être publié sur leur site. Voici cet article, attention, c’est en Anglais !

Hi TransPortland.org fellows, from the Paris Cargo Bikes crew ! As an answer to your post presenting the Portland cargo bike scene (English original version), here’s our perception of Paris’ scene.

But before we focus on cargo bikes, let’s have a quick look at the history of utilitarian bikes in France since World War II. In the 50s, most workers would get to work by bikes. But from the 60s, bikes only remains as a mainly recreational or sports activity. The percentage of cars and two-wheeled motorized vehicles in all transportation explodes, the road infrastructures adapt to this new mainstream vehicles, chasing away bicycles out of the cities. In the 80s and 90s, utilitarian bikes are introduced back in Netherlands, Denmark and Germany, but France’s cities still continue in their mainly pro-automotive policies….

Dinette à Nogent

In Paris, a really dense city (55,000 people/sq mi) compared to Portland Continuer la lecture